Nuances of Growth

Incubation. A potent process. Unconscious processes rule the period of incubation. Energy is latent, quiet, inward. Unlike planting our garden, we do not know when this process ends and something new germinates.  We need not be mindful of it, as it unfolds, although its always optimal to be mindful.   Its an organic process, and as such it operates autonomously, with its many threaded wisdom, working toward a collective goal of growth and evolution. If we do notice it,  we should engage in gentle actions of self care, protecting, nurturing our vulnerable, incipient self.  Our lack of mindful awareness may very well hurt us, if our subjective experience of 'self' during this process mistakes it for inertia, lethargy, laziness, or depression. The first step is to stop judging and to approach ourselves with an openhearted curiosity. If we approach ourselves in this way, we make contact as 'friend to friend' and consequently we will be far more likely to get something beneficial in return.