The Manifest Project

Meditation in Rapid City, South Carolina



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We do not see things as they are. We see things as WE are.
— Anais Nin

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Meditate on each picture. Let yourself stay with the image well beyond your customary practice. Take each one in fully. Connect with it. See what sensations arise in you, what emotions, and any thoughts. Click on the picture to advance to the next.

Transformational Training Opportunities: 

If you've read my book: Being Luminous, then you are aware of the chasm between the majority of "self help" or psychotherapeutic approaches, which are still embedded in the limited knowledge base of the 20th Century. At the turn of the century and more-so now, 18 years later, we've amassed much more knowledge and have access to transformational tools that align with the advances in technology and the new wisdom of the 21st Century technology. 

Many leading therapies today are integrating elements from ancient spiritual practices. Beliefs that science once scoffed at are now gold mines for research and the development of new, more effective practices.  Mindfulness is one such practice but it is so much more than what you hear about in popular culture. Many evidence based, highly acclaimed therapy practices are built on neuroscience, which in turn validated the second source of much therapeutic innovation: Tibetan Buddhism, or the NonDual practices of the East.  Interventions such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), and several more (there are always more initials coming out)  label the terminology but the core factors of the ancient practices are still there.  Much like yoga is a permanent part of the American landscape, the contemplative practices from the East are becoming a mainstay in our culture. 

Of course, there's EMDR, another very well research and documented evidence based practice that I've seen be a powerful transformative tool. It too seemed "far out" once. When research was applied to see if it was effective or not, the academic establishment expected it to fail. Instead it is one of 3 (only!) evidence based therapies approved by the Veterans Administration for treating PTSD.   

Since I was a child, I enjoyed exploring exotic worlds and so I've enjoyed lifelong exposure to the actual "NonDual" practices. I find it amusing that what once was called "WooWoo" now has neuroscientists advocating it and actually making more from their book and course sales of these techniques that they dedicate themselves to it full time.  I share this to make it easier for you to keep an open mind to these complementary practices.  Its not what they are called, their packaging, (you can see how that is changing dramatically; no more saffron robes and bald heads but Ivy League scientists leading the way) but its what happens to your mind, your brain, your sense of self, as you engage in them. You can call them whatever you like. I've been educated in the tradition of the empirical scientific method, at the level of Ph.D program in Clinical Psychology (APA accredited at that) so I evaluate the evidence and go from there. 

I always respect my client's values and choices, so we do not have to use any special practice that you do not like. I actually emphasize the importance of the process of psychotherapy, which is essentially a relational act. The therapeutic alliance has the most robust evidence base second to YOU! Yes, dear client, you are a powerful force. Research consistently shows that client factors are the most powerful predictors of outcome.  Therefore, the most important focus a therapist can have is to know how to elicit your strengths and transform what gets in the way into more strengths! 

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