Effective Change: 12 Weeks to Live Your Goal


Effective Change: 12 Weeks to Live Your Goal

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Are you kind to your body? Do you want to change some habits so you can be?  Here you will find best practices to begin and support the process of change. Not only do we need to factor in the specifics of nicotine addiction, and how the body (and your mind) respond in time to withdrawal (acute and post acute), but there's a natural processs to change, as well.  Why is it so hard for people to stop smoking,  to stay on a diet, start regularly exercising, eat healthy, or begin mindfulness practice, or other changes consisting of more healthy living. 

We should ask, "Why is change so hard?" 

Its really not. There's a science to it. My approach is underscored by neuroscience, behavior, and psychology. 

I've structured this package in keeping with the cutting edge of therapy, where technology and neuroscience, intersects with therapy.

I recommend starting at the beginning. If you found me after you already took the plunge and quit, feel free to begin where you are. However, don't begin with #3 if you haven't stopped smoking yet, or if you think you "just" need to go "cold turkey" and use "willpower". (I really like success, so I will refund your money and cancel the order, if I discover that you aren't ready for the package you selected.

The programs correspond to the Stages of Change: 1:  the "Precontemplation to Contemplation stage" (you will learn why this matters once we get started).  2: Preparation to Action stage and 3: Action to Maintenance stage.

We do not take anything for granted. We build a solid foundation.  This program follows best practices, as determined by neuroscience. What you do shapes your brain. That's experiential learning. It takes 60-90 days to stabilize new learning in the brain. This is why you are more likely to lapse into old ways within the first 90 days. I got you covered for the 90 days with this package.

Package 1: Get Ready

Package 2: Get Going

Package 3: Keep Growing

Each package is 4 weeks long. consisting of:

2 assessment sessions (pre and post). The initial assessment will identify the treatment plan we will follow.

A weekly session, to implement the treatment plan, with instructional materials, resources, and support.

Daily action plans and prompts to help you keep up with the wor


Program 1: Get Ready

1)   History and Assessment

2)  Outline of your strengths, resources, and risk factors

3)  A treatment plan that addresses them and establishes your immediate goal and 3 essential objectives.

4) Identify the date you will implement your goal.

5-7) Troubleshooting your objectives

8) Reinforcing positive changes


Program 2: Get Going

1)  Day one: Implement your target date (be it quit smoking, start exercise program, start diet, or meditation, etc.).

a) Managing the first 7 days.

b) Special resources during this period:

Somatic exercises for calm and centered mindset, and how to surf triggers, urges

Guided Audio: Cope with irritability, frustration and stress; instill strengths and resources, extra help with urges

Daily email prompts and support 


Return to weekly lessons, and 3 email/chat guidance sessions

3) Learn warning signs

4) Recognize and manage triggers

5) Reinforcing positive changes


Program 3:

It isn't physical anymore. Now you have the psychological (including emotional factors)

1) Begin again with an assessment: how are you doing? I will analyze your risks, resources, and strengths, and recommend

2) An individualized action plan to maintain your gains.

As usual, you will receive 1 weekly lesson, with 3 email/chat based contacts. 1 additional video session to use as an "emergency" or a "check out" re-evaluation with next steps. 


month?Clear cognitive and emotional blocks,  or residue that keeps you stuck, unable to achieve goals, or perhaps preventing you from recognizing any goals or drive that is manifesting for you.

2)      Learn essential practices to:

a.       Embody peace, serenity

b.      Embody balance, harmony

c.       Embody vitality, motivation, and inspiration

3)      Instil a daily integral living practice in 90 days

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1)      A deep dive assessment to identify your primary targets and to establish your goals. 

2)      An individually tailored action plan where your goals will be clearly translated into a step by step process to follow to enable you to achieve the goals.

3)      Weekly individual coaching sessions will be provided through video, with email support in between, to help you stay on your path, and to explore your experiences in order to capture the organic wisdom emerging through your process. We will identify any impediments and create an action plan to neutralize them.

4)      You will receive privileged content, i.e., my specific method, the Manifest Project knowledge, techniques, and practices, to enhance your experience at different stages of your growth process. 

5)      Manifest Project Journeys are 12 weeks, consistent with the insights of neuroscience that 90 days of consistent action ensure you form new neural networks, which indicate you have internalized the practices at the core level. You will receive nothing less than core transformation. 

My guarantee to you: if you put in the work as outlined in the workshops and you need additional help beyond the 12-week mark to achieve your goal, I will continue to work with you until you do.

***The payment plan is $450 billed initially and again 30 days later.