Using Neuroscience to Boost Motivation

Too many people fail to achieve a goal and internalize self-blame, failure, shame, guilt.  These invited guests, in turn, make it far more likely you won't accomplish much going forward.

Here's the good news: You don't possess an internal lack, a defect, a fatal flaw. Your perspective does. You are chasing "bright, shiny objects" out there, rather than connecting with your power, "In here" (points toward your body). Your motivation is not in the object or state you are chasing. It is in you.

1) Get clear on what YOU want to get out of it. What's the difference for you. 

2) Connect to that motivation through.... (drum roll please).... your emotions. 

3) Let those emotions move you. They make your motivation come alive so that it becomes momentum. (The word 'emotion' originates from an Ancient Roman word for "move". ) Your emotions are very special critters indeed!  Stop judging them,  accusing them, rejecting them, and start befriending them!

Keep in mind that your feelings aren't just 'there', they are attached to you. Rightly so, since they are a part of you. Every time you judge, blame, and shame them, you are doing that to yourself. But this is another post. Ahh... the power of association.

I leave you with a guide I created for you so you can "Move into Action".  

Activating Neural Pathways to Boost Motivation