Growth is the purpose of life


One of the limitations of practicing as a therapist is that labels, namely of symptoms, or “problems”,  have increasingly dominated the work over the past 20 years. The more the problems dictate the work, the more freedom and creativity gets pushed out. Therapy is both science and art. As I shared in Being Luminous, I started The Manifest Project, an online self development workshop series, so that more persons can discover how to overcome the near centrifugal force that "problems" exert over their lives. The more you move into the solution, the more you embrace a more constructive, creative process. Growth is the definition of living, as well as the ultimate goal of therapy, so we keep our focus on that organic truth.  The Manifest Project embraces the goals of Self Mastery and Life Mastery, NOT to "Overcome ___________ (insert problem here)”. As long as you focus on what is wrong or missing, you do not see the opportunities in the moment to achieve your vision. You remain defined by what you most want to be free from.  

When I first began working on The Manifest Project,  I set out to create a process that tapped the most powerful mechanisms we know of to date, enabling you to have maximal influence over your own life, your very self. That is how it should be. Your life is your masterpiece, beginning with your very self. You are here to unfold the ultimate creative process. Your purpose is to craft an authentic experience in the world that enables you to reshape it according to your unique vision. It is a sacred journey, a heroic one. The material world constitutes your raw materials. It provides you with the tools we need. It is the means, not the point. As you develop your skill in manifestation, your material conditions will expand, according to your ability, to your purpose. By focusing on the material first, you lose most of the power you have over it.

My life has been nothing if not an immersive experience in transformation. My own life experience demanded it, starting at an unnaturally early age.  It has been a quest to uncover any and all effective tools and resources by which the essence of self-mastery and life mastery could be distilled. Beginning with self-study in psychospiritual methods, to formal study in the cutting edge of psychological research, neuroscience, even at the doctoral level, I dedicated my life to share my discoveries with my clients', who desperately sought to transform their lives and their persons from deeply afflicted states of suffering (most commonly trauma and addiction).

As I indicated in Being Luminous, I did not create the method (TMP) out of thin air. A more appropriate way to describe the process of creation is that it began to crystallize. The more I synthesized what I knew in the service of helping people, including myself, both psychotherapeutically and spiritually, the more feedback I received by way of the universal elements that run throughout our world and ourselves.

My vision deepened beyond what I ever imagined, especially once I published my first book. Being Luminous was the sweet spot in my own cycle of manifestation. Much like a rosebud that unfurls its petals and reveals what it was meant to be all along, I tapped the mother lode, and I have been cultivating the treasures that are springing forth. With gratitude and pleasure, I will share the simple, graceful, yet powerful method to master the principles of manifestation and transformation. Evolve from student to Master.  

The Manifest Project is a synthesis of all the powerful change technologies, interconnected at the point of their synergy, the sweet spot of transformation.  As I described in Being Luminous, you are not separate from what you do. The writing of it led me to a peak experience, an explosion of exponential growth of my own.  Undoubtedly it is a function of my alignment with the sacred lands and sacred animals of my new home, the Black Hills, as it is in my immersion in the techniques.  It led me to uncover a receptivity that transcends intuition and inspiration, something I can best describe as “channeling". Whatever the label, receiving guidance from the abundant natural elements, the intersubjective matrix that runs throughout my (and your) experience, continues to help me evolve the Manifest Project, to make it as simple as possible, suitable for widespread dissemination online.

I will be speaking online on September 4th, 2017 at 6pm MT/8pm ET on The Manifest Project which will be broadcasted.  Check it out here:

Be well.

Elizabeth Renee