Are you a healer?

The heart and the power of healing lies in the relational matrix. Research  consistently shows, across all methods and approaches, the quality of the therapeutic relationship is one of the most potent predictors of your client's outcomes. 

The therapeutic relationship is more than a state that develops naturally. It is a process that requires strategy and competence to successfully implement. Using the relationship intentionally is a skill.  The relational dynamics are profoundly important and include several stages, each with its own core elements, such as building rapport, the fragile, early alliance, and the working alliance. When stresses, strains, or even ruptures threaten the health of the relationship, you need the skills to navigate through the turbulence successfully. Mastery of this process actually transforms the turbulence into resources that strengthen the work. Discover a wide range of relational matrices, reflecting your own relational schema and how it intersects with your clients' internal working model of attachment and relating.

The therapeutic relationship remains in flux from your first through your last contact. Attention to its process allows you to anchor within your own experience, enables you to tap into your organic guidance and reduces your dependence on external things, such as specific techniques or tools. Your confidence is strengthened and you convey clarity and competence to your clients, which increases their trust and their investment in the work you do together. By engaging potential clients at the outset, retaining your existing clients for longer, you achieve greater results with greater ease, not only transforming the lives of those you serve but your own as well. 


Our flagship training & workshops focus on the relational field.  We are pleased to offer CEuS for LOCAL workshops.

  1. Relational Experiential Group Supervision (REGS) meets biweekly. (CEs are cumulative: 1.5 each group.) As the name suggests, the group is experiential in nature. Active participation is key. You bring case material that you wish to process. By including your experience as a key variable, you will discover the subtle shifts that occur in the relational encounter and how they affect the client and the quality of his or her experience. In the process, your relational schema is crystallized and how it impacts your work. By applying this lens to your work, you will be able to deepen the dynamics between you and your your client. Research shows the therapeutic relationship is one of the most powerful predictors of client outcome. This group is a laboratory by which you clarify your relational process with your clients. Please contact me below, or by phone, to discuss participation in the group.

  2. Full day workshop (7 CEs): A Relational Approach: Master the Therapeutic Relationship Discover an evidence base you didn't know existed. A simple-yet vitally important framework- restores your work to the level of healer and away from the mechanistic models that have been trending for some time. Clients are hungry for therapeutic intimacy. You are injured in relationship. You heal in relationship. The relationship needs to be front and center. Relieve insecurity and anxiety about "what to do" by anchoring yourself in your sessions, in a way that clients benefit form the most. 7 CEs are awarded for complete attendance (pre approved by the Social Work Examiners). CEs pending from the Board of Counselors and MFTs., and CASACs.

More trainingS coming in 2019.

Integrating Mindfulness for Complex Trauma and Addiction (Fall 2018). Preregistration required.

Healing Complex Trauma: Integrating Attachment and the Body

Preventing Burn Out: Self Care for Professionals

Annual Practitioner Retreat and Community Building (PRCB) at Storm Mountain


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